Deck Season has arrived!


On opening day.

The veranda on our café has been a focal point in my dream at Cinnamon Soul.  I know it’s all about the food, but it’s also about where you park your caboose.

We know folks love the dining room, we’ve heard great feedback from our awesome customers, but it’s the feeling on the veranda that really makes me get excited for summer.

Last year, we had a bustling first year, with local folks taking in our love-infused food under the beautiful big sky, and with folks from all over the world dropping in for a bite on their way down the 114 and beyond.

When we bought this place, and the café started taking shape, I knew I wanted to get as much deck space as we could.  Our deck is 3 seasons, and the worst of the 4th is d.o.n.e.  And the thing that’s so great about the outdoor dining space, is what is does for our tiny village.  The heart of our town is spread between point A & B on a highway map.  I think that our cozy little deck is a spot where people can come, sit and enjoy the livelihood and growing spirit of our little village.

We’ve got some fun plans in store for our veranda this summer, I’ll give you a little hint… you fill in the blanks.  Bay of Fundy Lobs_r (I know eh), Cano_y (don’t want ya’ll getting your heads sunburnt), and maybe a guit_r or two (on special occasions).

We’ve got an expanding menu and can’t wait to serve you and your family & friends as we welcome the growing season, where fresh is best & local is what we’re all about.


Fresh air and soul food never fail!


Local Artisans


The cafe features items year-round by local artisans, potters, and painters.  If you’re not sure if something is for sale, ask one of our friendly staff!




Our panini breads are all baked in-house.  We love bread baking day… the smells from our kitchen could heal the homesick for miles around.

Lunch time or brunch time, or any other time, we serve fantastic tasty paninis all day at the cafe, with a side of kettle chips, or make it a combo with one of our amazing salads!




Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 4.38.30 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-11 at 4.38.39 PM

We recently amped up our menu to include new exciting items we have added over the last few months.  Through the summer, we will have even more new items.

Through the winter, we have offered special featured items like homemade baked beans with locally smoked ham, lamb curry, lasagna with caesar salad.

Our soups are all homemade, from scratch, and feature locally produced meats such as chicken, grass-fed beef and pastured pork.

Our sweets are all made from scratch, baked in our cafe.  Fresh hot colossal cinnamon buns glazed with cream cheese frosting are always (unless you come right after a bus load of folks) available!


For the LOVE of food

Thanks for dropping by.  We’re Cinnamon Soul Cafe & Bakery, located along the Fundy Coastal Drive in New Brunswick, Canada.

At Cinnamon Soul Cafe, we’re about good food, prepared slow, using local ingredients in season and as much as possible.

Our deserts are homemade, from scratch, and range from cheesecakes to pavlovas, to our signature colossal cinnamon bun topped with homemade cream cheese frosting.  Hot out of the oven daily, your fingers will need a lickin’.


Look for our whimsical roadsigns!

Our blog will feature information about our cafe, our local farmers who provide food and our exciting seasons along the Fundy Coast.  Nestled in the historic village of Hillsborough, NB, just up the road from Hopewell Rocks, you’ll find a friendly face, a great latte, and some kick butt home-made food prepared with love!

See you soon!